Virtual Reality

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One of the leading architectural firms of the country had approached us with a Virtual Reality Project requirement. It was a competetive project for our client and they had to impress the end client with their design. The team at Vector put their heads together and came up with the initial renderings that were approved by our client. We then created the VR for the project and delivered it to client. The Director of the architectural firm was all praise for our solution and they showcased the VR to their client. The end client was very happy and awarded the project to our client.



One of the leadiing Real Estate Companies in South India, Appaswamy Real Estates was looking at newer tools to use as a part of their sales process. We showcased the expertise that we had developed in the area of Virtual Reality and our client was convinced that they had locked in on the agency who can deliver the goods. Our client was quite keen to immerse their customers into a virtual apartment and make them to experience the thought of "being:" inside their apartment even before it was built. Our client was very happy on the deliverble and congratulated us on the quality of the visual experience.



Vector had approached one of its customers Makino India who is a leading CNC machine tool builder for the Die-mould, parts production and aerospace industries. Vector demosntrated the application of Virtual Reality in marketing high-end CNC machines. A small pilot was developed to showcase one of their products Slim 3n to their potential customers. Makino was overwhelmed with the deliverable that they are now proposing to use VR & AR as tools to effectively communicate and impress their clients 



KTI Plersch is a world leader in the concrete cooling industry. KTI Plersch was quite impressed with a demo that was showcased to the leadership team of KTI and they were looling to explore the possibility of using this technology in marketing cooling plants to their customers and also to use this technology in exhibitions that they participate worldwide. Vector created a virtual concrete cooling plant for a mining application and KTI saw the impact of this on potential clients. They felt a deep impact that this technology leaves on its users and are looking to explore more AR /VR initiatives in the areas of Marketing / Sales / Service Support & Training

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