Three Dimensional Content Development

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One of the largest Real Estate Companies in Chennai appraoched us for visualizing their upcoming residential project. The project required us to come up with imagery that would be a part of their sales collateral. We worked round the clock to turaround the project and deliver it on a tight deadline. The client was very happy with the visuals that were produced by Vector



Alsthom the French Multinational approached Vector for visualizing the rolling stock and showcasing the design to the Government officials of the state. The project had a tight deadline and Vector pulled it off and won the hearts of the client both locally as well as their counterparts in France. Alsthom was very happy with the deliverables that they awarded another project to us.



Vector was required to visualize an airline taking off and the infrastructure surrounding the airport. The project had a number of drawings and reference images that had to be carefully studied and researched. The client was very happy with the deliverable and this project won a lot of accolades




Vector was involved in visualizing a product for GMMCO - the sales and marketing arm of CATTERPILLAR. The product was an engine that the trainees found very difficult to comprehend. Vector visualized the entire working and implemented a quiz at the end of the program. The trainees who went through this program created by Vector were found to have understood the concepts very well thus removing a bottleneck in the understanding of concepts by the trainees

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